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                “Signs of Life”

By Pastor Lee

When Cindy and I lived in Charlottesville, there was a street near our house that had a dead end sign at its entrance. I passed by the street many times, but never paid much attention to it. Then, one day I decided to walk down the dead-end street. Sure enough, at the end of the street was a cemetery. It truly was a dead end.

Life is a short walk down a street that ends in the cemetery. We can ignore the sign and pretend it doesn’t matter…but it does.

On Resurrection Sunday (A.K.A. Easter), we celebrate the removal of the dead-end sign in from of an empty tomb. Jesus died. But three days later, he came back to life. And that changes everything. For those who follow Jesus, a road construction crew comes into our street, takes down the sign, and paves the way to life eternal.

If that is good news to you, then pass it on. There are people everywhere who are still walking down dead-end streets. They need the hope of life beyond the cemetery. Invite them to our Resurrection Sunday celebration. Let’s replace more dead-end signs with signs of life.