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Pastor Lee's Corner


“Characters Welcome”

By Pastor Lee

“Characters Welcome” is a popular USA
Networks TV slogan. It is used to reflect the
interesting and off beat characters at the lead of their
television shows. One example is a show called “Monk”.
The main character is an obsessive-compulsive detective.

I like the slogan because it communicates to me that all
people are welcome. I believe that phrase captures the
heart of Jesus. While the religious leaders rejected lepers,
tax-collectors, Samaritans, and Gentiles, Jesus welcomed
characters of all kinds.

Since that was the heart of Jesus, it should be the heart
of every follower. Because of sin, we are all “off-beat”
characters. Because of God’s grace, we are forgiven,
loved, and welcomed. And as followers of Jesus, we are to
show the same welcome.

That doesn’t mean sin is okay. Jesus commands us to
reject sin. Sin steals our joy. It kills our relationships. It
destroys lives. Jesus died to set us free from the
destructive nature of sin. While Jesus rejects sin, he
welcomes sinners. And so should we. It’s not easy. And
it’s not always clear cut. Grace is messy! But we are
called to wade through it like Jesus did. As we lean on
God’s Word to live in God’s way, we will love as God
wants. Let’s be the Church that says,

                          “Characters Welcome!”