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     “I Can’t Explain It”

By Pastor Lee

God promised Abraham that they would have a son when they knew they were way too old to have children. Yet Sarah had a son.

The Israelites were trapped between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea. Then, God opened a path right through the parted

God told Joshua to have his army walk around the city of
Jericho. And God made the city walls tumble down with one war cry.

God does things that can’t be explained except by his
involvement. When something happens that’s only explained by a supernatural God, then God gets the glory.

And…God wants our lives to be unexplainable apart from him. If our lives are always understandable, expected, and
explainable, then we are living our way, not God’s way. The Lord invites us to join him in the realm of the unexplainable…so our lives will point to him. For example:

1. We can demonstrate unexplainable contentment regardless of our circumstances because we trust that a loving God is in charge.

2. We can demonstrate unexplainable success by pursuing things that are eternal vs. things that are temporal.

3. We can demonstrate unexplainable significance by living for God’s purposes and for his glory rather than our own.
The Lord invites us to live lives that others say,

                            “I can’t explain it!”